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What if Covid Never Goes Away?

My grim and personal thought:

I don’t think COVID will ever go ‘away’.

What I mean is this:

  1. Creating a vaccine will take *waaaay* longer than we expect it to.
  2. When the vaccine actually is available, it will be very hard to get it.
  3. Even if we get the vaccine, it won’t be 100% “fool-proof”.
  4. Even if you get the vaccine, there will probably be a bunch of bozos who are ‘covid-deniers’ who will not comply. Then think — would you send your kids to school with other parents who don’t believe in COVID?

Thus my practical thought is this:

Don’t delay living … live now.

Because COVID ain’t gonna go anywhere anytime soon. We have Covid-19 (it started in 2019). What if there is a Covid-20? (mutates in 2020) or a Covid-21, or Covid-22, or something even 10x *WORSE* than covid happens?

Live now.


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