Perhaps to live a more epic and grand life … strive to live with LESS FEAR. To position yourself in life to feel less fear, experience less fear. Figuring out what you’re afraid of, and cutting out the irritants which stimulate your fear [social media, news, negative toxic people, etc].

Fear is real, but can be reduced.

Fear as a physiological phenomenon, with hormones [cortisol, noephrine, etc]. For us it seems the goal:

Determine what triggers our fear sensors, and figure out how to avoid those triggers.

Practice kills fear

The more you practice, the less fearful you will become.

De-sensitize yourself

It seems in today’s insane world, stoicism is the key. To still feel joy and happiness, but to REDUCE the amount of fear and anxiety you feel in life.


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The Stoic Masters

Marcus Aurelius statue
Marcus Aurelius

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