I am very grateful for my hard knock life. Without my hard knock life, I wouldn’t have become me.

What is a hard knock life?

Let us think about the Annie song:

“It’s a hard knock life… for us~”

Or better yet, let us think the JAY Z SONG: “Hard Knock Life” (ghetto album)

The basic notion:

A hard life is a better life.

What is the school of the ‘hard knocks‘?

A hard knock. Let us take it literally. If someone knocks you hard, you become tougher. Or in better words:

Getting punched in the face (boxing glove) can maybe be the best thing you can do to become more fearless.

For example in high school, me and the homies used to do ‘backyard boxing’ (or garage boxing, in my garage) with gloves. I got knocked pseudo-unconscious a few times (still standing). This was good for me. Why? It taught me:

Getting punched in the face (while unpleasant), ain’t THAT bad.

How to become stronger

weighted chin-up bar

Don’t hate challenges. Rather when a challenge happens to you, see it as a blessing in disguise and ask yourself:

How can I exploit this bad situation to the maximum, in order to toughen me up and make me stronger?



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