Hard or soft?

Do you desire a hard or soft body?

I prefer a harder body. How do we build a harder body with more muscle and less fat? Simple. Intermittent fasting, lifting heavy weights, abstaining from sugar, walking a lot during the day, cold showers, and lots of black coffee and water.

Hard workouts or soft workouts?

Hard workouts are more fun! Avoid boring repetitions. Do workouts which are fun, invigorating, and challenging for you!

A hard knock life is the best life!

We are the new stoics. This means we delight in difficulty and misfortune. Why? It strengthens us. It hardens us. It builds us up!

For example, what’s made me so strong? My scars! I pride myself in my scars and show them proudly like Seal.

The scars are what harden us, and make us stronger and greater. Softness is not to be desired. Cowardice is the worst. Courage and bravery are our new virtues. Everything else is petty and small.


How to make a hatori hanzo sword?

Certainly if you want to make a “god-cutting blade” (Kill Bill), then you gotta make the strongest steel possible. How to do this? You gotta hammer the sword with massive force and massive heat. This tempers the sword and makes it strong, severe, dense, and ruthless. Like the ruthless bronze that Homer always talks about.


Do you desire to become more soft and yielding, or more relentless, raw, and severe?

When in doubt, go hard!