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In Praise of Cold Showers

I have been a cold shower devotee for the last 6 years or so, and it’s probably one of the best “life hacks” I know.

Why cold showers?

Cold showers have helped me in almost all domains of my life.

For example:

  1. Cold showers helping me burn bodyfat.
  2. Cold showers waking me up in the morning — even more effective than coffee.
  3. Cold showers as a good break during the day to relax me and also to re-amp myself up.
  4. Cold showers as relaxing before sleeping.
  5. Cold showers as toughening and strengthening me
  6. Cold showers a good way to literally “cool down” when I’m angry.

How to get started

Practical tips:

First of all, start off really really hot, then transition to icy cold at the very end. See how long you can do the cold part, then eventually transition into straight cold.

Prolong your cold shower

If you want to prolong your cold shower, put conditioner in your hair. Conditioner is hard to get out of your hair, and you will inevitably spend more time in the cold shower.

Make it a fun challenge

To take a cold shower isn’t ultimately that big of a deal. To me, it is more of a fun challenge.

Modern day life is so easy — the least we can do to make life more challenging, fun, and interesting is to take cold showers.

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