How to Become a More Efficient Photographer

To do more, to make more — this is what efficiency is.

To make more photos and to provoke more emotional effects with your photography.

1. Efficient tools

Ricoh GR 3, small JPEG, high contrast black and white filter or any of the color filters.

What makes an efficient tool? Small, compact, always with you. ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP MARK II or ERIC KIM NECK STRAP MARK II as ideal straps for Ricoh.

2. Efficient processing and selection of your photos

Just use Apple Photos. Faster to review your photos, select and favorite your best ones. Then just upload it directly to your media library.

3. Just share your own photos to your blog as a means to review and make sense of your photos.

4. Publish as you go.

A huge blogging productivity tip:

Just start the blog post, and hit “publish” when you’ve started 10%, then keep adding to it and clicking “update” as you go.

5. Just share them

When shooting family portraits or weddingsspeed is king. This means:

After shooting the event, how quickly can you send and transfer the photos to your friends/family/client?

This is why I love my LUMIX G9, and just shooting intelligent auto (iA mode), in small JPEG and doing a relatively wide edit, and quickly sending the photos to my friends family and clients with Dropbox, or Google Drive, or wetransfer.

Also if possible, while still at the event, quickly review the photos on your laptop (while everyone else is eating). I was able to send my friend wedding photos (which i shot small jpeg on Pentax 645z) the same day.

Imperfect is perfect.

Don’t do things like photoshop their skin or crop or clone distractions. Just send them the photos, and don’t strive for “perfect” (paralysis by analysis). The enemy of efficiency.

Productivity by KIM

Productivity by KIM

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