Why I Love Apple Photos and iCloud Sync

A new photo workflow which has been awesome for me:

Shooting JPEG on RICOH GR III (small size) then uploading it into Apple Photos (on desktop) and having the photos all neatly synced on all my devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop) which makes it far easier to always be looking through my photos, selecting them, and working through them.

Apple Photos over Lightroom

While I do understand the Adobe cloud services concept, I frankly prefer to use the free and more open option. Apple Photos is free and works extremely well on all my Apple devices, whereas Adobe Lightroom is more clunky and slow.

Why editing photos is so difficult

One of the most difficult things to do in photography is to edit and curate and choose your favorite photos. It seems most photographers do it begrudgingly. Even David Allen Harvey said in the Magnum workshop I attended:

I hate looking through my photos. I delay it as long as possible.

Why is the image editing and selection phase so difficult? Simple:

We got too many photos to look through, the mental force needed to select the photos we like is difficult, then also post processing photos is time consuming.

Apple auto post processing algorithm and UI is great

Also a very slick UI/UX:

When you press the auto magic wand post processing button, you can later change the intensity and brightness of it by dragging it left and right.

This works insanely well and is so pleasing!