Don’t Force Yourself to Write

Only write if you must!

The strange thought

The strange thought:

In order to become a ‘good’ writer, one must piously write every single day, track how much one writes, and write every day.

Thoughts on writing ‘1000 words every day’ or ‘writing every day, training it like it were a muscle’ are the modern thoughts. But a more robust thought:

Only write if you must.


To me, I see writing as a way to anti-constipate yourself of ideas. For example, when I have an idea which I find very interesting and fascinating, I feel like I *MUST* write about it and share it, because I feel that I have made some very interesting discovery (in my idea incubation phase, when I am thinking) and I feel it might benefit and profit others. Thus for me, writing is simply a means to an end– writing as a means of sharing and propagating ideas.

When is vlogging better?


One should not feel beholden to only write, or to write a lot. Just find the most effective way of communicating your ideas with others. It may be blogging, writing, essay writing, etc, or just podcasting, or vlogging. Whatever you find is most effective and efficient for you!

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