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How is apex productivity possible? My thoughts:

1. Why apex productivity?

Apex means the highest point. Certainly we want to live and do things at the highest point. Anything below seems base, boring, and uninteresting.

2. How to achieve apex productivity?

Certainly at the end of the days we are men, not machines. The goal ain’t to become machine-like. But for me, I have a personal interest in maximizing my human potential, and my metabolic power. ‘The problem of increasing human energy‘ by Nikki Tesla is a very fascinating essay to me. The gist is this:

How can we augment our human potential to the maximum, given our human constraints (time, duration of life, metabolic output and energy?)

3. Creative productivity

To me at the end of the day, I see productivity in a creative way (to create, to make stuff). Thus for me creative productivity is the goal:

How to harness more of your metabolic energy and resources to create more art-works, whether your photos, videos, blogs, vlogs, whatever!

Productivity by KIM