Creative Productivity

When we think of ‘creativity’, we often think of being “creatively original”. However, a better definition of creativity is ‘propensity to create’, or “the tendency to create (a lot) of stuff”.

So why this term ‘creative productivity’? Well, my thought:

When we tell others to be ‘creative’, they think we mean to say: “Do this in a novel fashion which has never been done before.”

This line of thought is paralyzing. Better to say:

“Be creatively productive! Just make a bunch of stuff! Perfection can be damned!”

Why create a lot?

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In some ways, thinking about ‘creative productivity’ is similar to think:

Quantity over quality.

Why Quantity over Quality?

Why the notion of ‘quantity’ (number) over quality (subjective greatness)?

Well, quantity is to produce a lot. This is the definition of ‘creative productivity’. It is far easier to track quantity (making a lot of stuff) versus the vague notion of ‘quality’ (which is 100% subjective).

Who is to deem what is ‘quality’ and what isn’t quality?

What is ‘quality’?

When most people think of ‘quality’, I think they mean to say “craftsmanship, attention to detail, and durability”.

But this is vague.

For example, in some ways a Casio G-Shock watch ($50) is more durable and reliable than a Rolex watch ($5,000+). But most people would say the Rolex is higher quality. Why? Because it is more expensive. Thus the basic notion:

Higher price = higher quality.

But is this always true? Not always. Consider luxury clothing — it might look great and is expensive, but might have poor durability!

Towards a new creative future


This is what I propose:

Let us disregard novelty. Let us focus on producing much.

Produce lots of blog posts.

Make a lot of beats. Make a lot of photos. Make a lot of videos.

And share much!



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