The principle of life, art, and the best way to live life:


To create art-works, to create buildings, to create ideas, and to SHARE/PUBLISH them.

tree skyscraper

Why create?

Some of us fall into nihilism:

What is the point of creating when I could never create anything great?

My suggestion:

Think of yourself a tree. Trees grow with zero regard to other trees.

trees transcend above

In praise of the vanity of the creator

I believe vanity is good.

Vanity is the belief that you are of worth.

And if you believe you are of worth, then you will create. Why? Your creations are an externalization of you.

Your creations ARE YOU!

And if you consider yourself of high value, you will also put high value into your creations!

Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs
Mexico City, 2020 #streettogs

A life without creating ain’t a life worth living.

Mexico City, 2020
Mexico City, 2020

To create is to assert yourself, and to use your personal faculties to create something BEYOND yourself; something EXTERNAL to yourself. Creating is externalizing our own inner-power into the embodied world.

Photography as creating something out of something

Why I love photography:

You create something beautiful and epic out of embodied reality (something which already exists).

As a photographer, you are a creator. You have the power to create things ANEW — with visual elements, and visual resources at your disposal.

Create anything!

There are an infinite ways to create.

You can create by taking your photos and visually re-mixing them:

Create music

EKv3 (beats by kim)

You can create music out of nothing using GarageBand on your Mac. See BEATS BY KIM >

Create slideshows

Take creations (your photos) and create something even newer by putting them together in a slideshow (iMovie is my preference).

All creations are good; as long as you enjoy it!

  • Hanoi, 2017
  • Gaussian blur applied
  • Photograph inversed
  • Filling in the crimson red
  • Background layer hidden. Shows the general composition of the image.
  • abstract. Photograph inversed again, this time with crimson red layer lowered opacity.

It doesn’t matter if your creations are “original” or not. As long as YOU are the author (you created it), it is of value.

Thus, have PRIDE in your work, and never stop creating!



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