Dear friend, ignore your haters.
Rather stay focused on your life goals: focused laser.

Ignore your haters,
They are just people who need a hug.

Ignore your haters,
They’re just lacking self-love.

Ignore your haters,
Keyboard warriors:they’re very fierce.

Ignore your haters,
Your armor is platinum, their wooden arrows won’t pierce
Your thick skin
Just keep listening to your muse, and her golden hymn.

Ignore your haters,
They’re just social media masturbators
Who have no courage to take risks.

Ignore your haters,
Just laugh, and take the piss
At yourself
If you laugh at yourself first, nobody else will laugh at you.

That is reputation invulnerability
To make fun of yourself, and not to take yourself too seriously.

After all, we are Creators. We are big kids. We are given holy LEGO blocks from God, and told to play and win.

Please don’t drown out negative feelings with Coke and Gin,
Rather be like Ronaldo, and keep kicking, just win.

Keep riding your creative bicycle and life the wheels spin
Ignore external markers of success, you don’t need no 22 inch rims.

Ignore your haters,
Always listen to yourself.

Ignore your haters,
Your creativity is your God-given wealth.



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