Dear friend, don’t be meek– you might not know it, but you’re on a winning streak.

You’re snatching inspiration with your peak,
And your potential peak is not far
You’ve opened pandoras lid, your creative jar.

I believe with your inspiration you can go far.
Your creative gas tank is full– how far can you go in your car?

You’ve unleashed your inner-creativity, your doors are ajar
Your speed is now on-par with the best in the game,
Creativity stimulating, deep inside your brain.

Don’t play the blame game
Believe in yourself; you’re not insane
Make more art, it is your creative novocaine
Your thousand ton black train ain’t stopping
The accolades you keep coppin’
And like a good party, let the creative champagne flow and keep poppin’

Saigon, 2017

In this creative paradise, your glass will never run dry
We’re a place of virtue, no vice.
Everyday we will entice you with
New ideas, new possibilities, and new freedom
What direction shall you go? You’re the only one to lead them.

You’re your own person, your own human
And you can
Do anything you want to– just make a stand.

Saigon, 2017



eric kim street photography x100f fujifilm-7189

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