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The Eternal Creative Loop

Keep doing something and never get bored of it!

No fatigue, no boredom — only fun, excitement! The same or similar workflow — yet the process is always interesting, fun, and exciting.

No need for new technologies — simply new ideas, new rhythms, and new flows!

For example:

1. The never-ending joy of making new beats

Laptop and GarageBand — never getting bored of using the same loops to create new beats! The instruments and loops are the same, but the process and outcome is always different!

2. Photography

With photography, the equipment is always similar or the same (RICOH GR) or the aesthetic is similar (black and white), but the process, location, and time of day is always different.


How can you keep shooting photos to never bore or tire of it?

a. Keep changing your environment
b. Keep walking new and different paths
c. Keep striving to take similar subject-matter, but remix it in unique ways to create new images!

3. Lifting weights

To always increase the resistance, to make it more difficult.

With bench, squat, and deadlift:

Never stop striving to increase your “one rep max”.

It don’t even matter if you fail or succeed — as long as you are ALWAYS ATTEMPTING MORE!

4. The final destination ain’t it.

Rather than living like a digital nomad (in search of new pasture), perhaps we should think about the life of Alexander the Great — we are conquerers. We keep searching for new places to conquer, not to just ‘discover’.

But I guess it comes down to you:

What kind of life do you desire to live?



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