How to Be More Productive

Practical thoughts and tips:

1. Intermittent fasting

How I Break My Fast

No breakfast or lunch. Break your fast (one huge meal a day) at dinner time. This means more energy, focus, and power during the day to be productive on whatever you want to do– whether writing, blogging, working out, doing entrepreneurial things, etc.

2. Workout without music

ERIC KIM WARMUP and 1 Handed Deadlifts

The best way to get into a zen zone, and let your mind recover.

3. Don’t use your phone or use email

Unquantify Yourself

Keep your phone off or in airplane mode or locked in a drawer somewhere during the day. Just do work on your laptop.

Also — don’t use email during the day. Email as anti-productivity. True productivity is when you create new things, un-spurred by others. Better yet:

Figure out how you can do work and be more productive by NOT using email, or ways you can run your life and business WITHOUT email!

4. Don’t quantify or track your productivity


The interesting irony:

Once I stopped tracking my productivity, and once I stopped forcing myself to be ‘productive’, I actually have become far more productive.