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Unquantify Yourself

To quantify yourself is anti-human:

Unquantify Yourself


Why the ‘quantified self’ movement as mostly bad:

Anti data-deification

Nerds have hijacked society. What does this mean? It means data rules everything around me (DREAM).

The downside:

You think to yourself… “If I don’t quantify it, it is meaningless”.

This is bad. For example, there are certain things we can never and *SHOULD* never quantify. Your love for your friends, family, and kids. Or your sense of self-worth. If they could even invent a robust way of self-quantified metrics… would we even want it? SHOULD we want it?

One Handed Deadlift

I say no.

Social Media 101

Digital Sharecropping
  1. We Are the New Social Media Slaves
  2. Data Rules Everything Around Me (DREAM)
  3. Unquantify Yourself
  4. Create Your Own Social Media Platform

Hayward, 2015 #cindyproject

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