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Data Rules Everything Around Me (DREAM)

As long as Google runs society, we will always be slaves to data.

Anti quantified self

Demetricate yourself. This means:

Whenever people talk about ‘counting calories’ or ‘counting macros’ or counting anything … be highly highly suspicious.

Why count?

Why quantify yourself? Why count? Why track? My thought:

We are too much wusses to have the courage and audacity to assert ourselves (without data) that what I do is worthy, great, and admirable.


Social media is also hugely to blame

Substance is King

Let us consider how insidious and bad social media is:

Your self-worth become quantified into a number.

For example, your likes, comments, followers count, view counts, etc.

In today’s world, to publicly talk about your follower count is like telling the whole world how much money you got in your bank account. Most people I know don’t like to divulge their personal financial information. So why do it via social media?

Digital Sharecropping

We are the new social media slaves.

Social Media 101

Digital Sharecropping

You’re the product:

  1. Data Rules Everything Around Me (DREAM)
  2. Unquantify Yourself
  3. Create Your Own Social Media Platform

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