This is our exalted goal as artist-creators.

How to achieve this.

More experiences, more sleep, more exercise, more nutrition (more meat).

From a creative perspective, allow yourself to become as multifarious and multi-variegated as possible. All forms of artistic creation as good!

More music

Something I also believe strongly in:

Music as the apex creative stimulus.

Music puts motion into our legs. It motivates us to dance, move, think and feel great joy and thanksgiving. In some ways, we should be listening to more music, more frequently. Music loving as a great virtue and a sign of health and delight in life!

Art is all a reconfiguration of things already existing

A new way of thinking of “novelty” in art. No true “newness” exists — you can create “new” art by using any material (past or present) for your current needs. In other words, feel free to use the same old tools you got, remix old art works of yours (or of others) and realize that “originality” isn’t to be desired, instead — eternal artistic productivity!


Productivity by KIM