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The Philosophy of Meat Eating

Why eat meat? Why *not* eat meat?

I have yet heard a philosophical argument *for* meat-eating. All new-agey philosophy and modes of thinking are staunchly ANTI-meat eating. Or for the more ‘woke’ folks (who don’t want to openly admit to liberal-elite educated circles that they like to eat meat), they will say they only eat meat ‘once in a while’ or ‘in moderation’ or ‘only grass-fed humanely slaughtered meats’ or they say ‘they no longer eat red meat, only chicken breast or other white meat’.

Some philosophical thoughts on meat-eating:

Nobody was designed to do … anything

I hear the arguments *for* meat-eating and *against* meat eating. There typically goes this argument about what is ‘natural’ and what isn’t ‘natural’.

Technically we are not really ‘designed’ to eat anything. We humans evolved over time to simply consume whatever we could and *NOT* starve to death. Better yet, to obtain, cook, process and consume more nutritious foods in order to maximize our physiological strength.

Is meat-eating ‘in-humane‘?

Well, technically ‘humane’ means ‘human’. So the question is:

Should we treat animals *EQUIVALENTLY* to humans? For example, you certainly wouldn’t slaughter a human being to eat another human being (even if you weren’t blood cousins). But do humans and animals (non-humans) deserve *equal* treatment?

I say no.

The world is cruel

meat tongue

Then the next ethical question:

Should we as a human species and society seek for the *least* cruel way of living on planet earth?

Well, then the question comes:

Is it possible that we humans can maximally flourish and achieve great new arts, physical feats, and technological marvels *without* being cruel, unjust, and inhumane?

I think not.

I personally am a pacifist — I am anti-war, and I am definitely a California-liberal-left-leaning individual. Yet if I had my choice:

I would prefer an unjust yet more beautiful world, than a more ‘just’ world which was more mediocre.

People should be allowed to do as they wish

If people decide to be vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons, I have zero qualms with that. However, I have huge problems if people tell me I should ‘eat less meat’, or that ‘eating meta is unethical’, or even if people tell me that ‘eating meat is bad for the environment/the planet’. Everything we humans do is bad for the planet, bad for nature, and cruel/unjust towards other human beings.

For example, we all pay lip-service to the value of education and teachers, yet no money goes to real elementary/middle-school/high-school/university lecturers-professors. We all want to ‘save the planet’, yet we still buy new cars (Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota), we still buy fancy new electronics (Apple products), we still shop on Amazon, and stream entertainment (Netflix, YouTube, etc). All human activity is patently bad for the planet, and this is a fact.

Thus if people want to eat meat, they should be allowed to eat meat in unlimited quantities, without being judged by others for doing so.

Do humans become more epic and grand through meat-eating?

I believe so. For a simple example, let us talk about bodybuilding and powerlifting. All the top bodybuilders (besides the steroids) are huge meat eaters. Even the top vegan/vegetarian bodybuilders all take steroids. But consuming meat is certainly the additional edge to help humans reach another peak level of physiological fitness.

Or to clarify:

If you took the world’s top bodybuilders and fed half of them a vegan diet (and injected them with steroids) while fed the other half a meat-heavy diet (and injected them with steroids), the meat-eating steroid bodybuilders will be physiologically superior (larger and more muscular) than the vegan body builders.

In the context of powerlifting or the strongman competitions, all of the strongest (male) competitors are meat-consumers. Even Patrik Baboumian (the world’s most famous vegan strongman) is nowhere as strong as the other (meat-eating) strongmen (Eddie Hall comes to mind).

Superior nutrition, superior thoughts?

My simple conclusion and takeaway point:

By consuming more meat (which I consider the apex nutrition), then can we think more epic thoughts, create more beautiful art works, and *become* more epic!



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