How I Cook

Also, WHY I cook:



Behind the scenes of how I wrote this blog post:

My cooking philosophy

First of all, I far prefer cooking over going to even the world’s fanciest restaurant. Why? I can cook 5 pounds of steak for myself at home, and I know exactly what goes into it. I can eat more meat. The only restaurants I only ever feel are ‘worth it’ are Korean all-you-can-eat BBQ, or Fogo de Chao (all you can eat Brazilian BBQ).

Fogo de Chao in Mexico City // Picanha — my favorite cut of meat!!!

My home cooking strategy

Cooking at home as uber-simple. I keep it as simple as humanly possible. The basic gist:

  1. Chop up meat (steak or whatever) on cutting board to make it smaller, so it cooks faster.
  2. Either pan fry in olive oil, or cook it in the oven at 450 degrees. You know when it is done when it is around medium-rare (a little red still). This is the big secret … better to always UNDERCOOK steak. Why? When it is in the pan, it still cooks! The biggest mistake I make with steak or beef is over-cooking it. Same goes with eggs — always better to slightly ‘undercook’ than overcook. With pork and chicken — I cook the shit out of it (more likely to have bacteria or whatever).
  3. For seasoning, keep it simple. Salt, pepper, garlic powder or real garlic powder (just buy it on bulk on Amazon). Rosemary is good for ‘gamey’ meats (red meats, lamb, etc). Garlic is pretty much good for all meats. No “proper” way to cook. Just cook it until it tastes good to you.

How about eating a ‘balanced’ meal?

I think the notion of a balanced meal is all fluff. I say best to do intermittent fasting during the day, and break your fast with one massive meal at night.

Vinegar and acids is key.

Why I like sauerkraut, kimchi, and vinegar … because it helps me digest my meat.


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