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The Anti-Meat Conspiracy


The Anti Meat Conspiracy

In praise of meat

The Anti-Meat Conspiracy

I am convinced —

One of the worst ills in modern society is this vehement anti-meat bias.

For example, ask yourself:

If you are an intellectual, are you allowed to go to a dinner party and tell everyone outloud that “I love to eat meat!”

No. You would be seen as a monster, someone who is killing the planet, etc. The more ‘virtuous’ thing is to be either vegetarian, vegan, or perhaps someone who only eats ‘pasture-raised grass-fed humanely slaughtered’ meat, preferably from Whole Foods or a farm, “once a while”. Even more virtuous to “give up red meat”– because it is ‘bad for the planet’, ‘bad for your health’ and ‘inhumane to animals’, etc.

Why do I care about this?

Now if you have a Netflix subscription you’ve probably seen one of the anti-meat propaganda films. I am not going to argue the ethics of meat eating in terms of environmental reasons (yet), but I desire to explore the contours of our strange new society which is profoundly dog-and-pet friendly, but anti-human?

Are animal lives EQUIVALENT to human lives?

Food Glorious Food

First question. I say easily:


No matter what, a human life will ALWAYS be infinitely superior to an animal life of any kind. If I had a choice of saving a stranger’s baby’s life or the life of my (beloved) dog, I would always choose the life of the human being … even if it weren’t my own kid.

Is the trend towards vegetarianism or veganism bad for human health?

I think so. This is the reason why the trend to veganism or vegetarian is bad:

Under-nourished future children.

For example, certainly you can do with your kid whatever you want. But if parents and kids are getting suckered into becoming vegan… this is a huge public health issue. And I actually really care for public health. Why? I know growing up, I had a huge ‘information gap’ issue. Typically people who have less education in America are easily swayed and suckered. This means the vegan-kale-munching elite (typically highly educated folks in America) have the ultimate virtue-signaling sway to tell the rest of us what is ‘good’ for us or what is ‘bad’ for us. And I am highly highly highly suspicious of Bill Gates — I think he is probably the uber-virtue signaling individual who is probably the world’s biggest (hidden) asshole, who just wants to augment his own personal influence on the world (for the ‘good’ of humanity).


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