Meat closeup light golden hour steak

Under-Nutrition is the Issue?

My theory —

The reason we are always so tired, weak and anemic is because we are under-nutritioned.

In other words, we need to eat more meat. Towards a more carnivorous diet.

1. Vegetarianism, veganism and alcohol?

A funny thought:

Have I ever met a vegetarian or vegan who *didn’t* drink alcohol?

Nietzsche was highly skeptical and critical of vegetarianism (veganism didn’t exist then in Germany and Europe yet). He saw vegetarianism and alcoholism as going hand-in-hand. Nietzsche was also highly critical of alcohol, alcoholism in Europe at the time. Also as a Catholic I can say … most Korean priests I’ve known drink a loooooot of alcohol (soju, to be specific).

Now I don’t think that alcohol is bad. But I wonder —

Is there a connection between vegetarianism, veganism, and alcohol which is weakening to our bodily physiology?

2. Thinking beyond politics and political correctness and environmentalism


I am unapologetically a carnivore and meat eater. Yes I still eat bitter greens (I eat around 1-2 pounds of kale or collard greens a day, typically from out of a frozen bag, Stop and Shop the “Ghetto”brand here on the east coast).

In short, all my food is typically red (meat) or green (kale or collard greens).

3. Towards a more “meat-forward” diet

I am convinced— if your goal is maximal health, physiological joy and vigor .. the goal then is a combination of intermittent fasting, breaking your fast with a massive meat-forward meal, and sleeping early (get into bed by 8pm, like Tom Brady). Treat yourself like an elite athlete.


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