What is pure bliss and joy? Being in the zone. A creative zone where you can focus, think, and create like a stream of water, with no delay or pause.

Standing desk, in-ear monitor earbud/headphones in

Friday Night Cypher (Big Sean) on loop. Or A WRITTEN TESTIMONY by Jay Electronica on loop. Finding that one song, and just keep looping it.

Good caffeine buzz

  • selfie ERIC KIM hat

A nice coffee in the morning. ‘Wink’ light roast coffee from Amazon (whole beans), grind it, and extract it with a ‘Clever Dripper’ coffee extractor. Intermittent fasted. Only breaking your fast in the evening with a meat-heavy meal, so you won’t be hungry for the day next.

A semi-public workplace?

I have found having some ‘stochastic resonance’ of white-noise (random people noise) is beneficial to focusing. Finding a good spot, natural light, big ceilings, big floor-to-ceiling windows, and a good standing desk. The ability to write, this, blog, whatever while dancing on your feet.

What do you do once you’re in the zone?


Focus on your artistic and creative production.

Blog posts, videos, photos, whatever!


Productivity by KIM