Creating and Sharing Out of Uberabundance or the Desire to Be Acknowledged and Affirmed?

Something I’ve discovered when it comes to creators online:

Practically all creators now are motivated and incentivized by how they can serve (same word from “slave”) others.

Nietzsche had a version of this thought which was:

When I judge the artwork of an artist, I wonder — did he create out of abundance or need?

What’s the difference?

Many artists (Edgar Allen Poe, etc) create in order to rid themselves of their personal misery. Whereas other artists (JAY Z) create art works based on their feelings of exalted overabundance. They give not from this altruistic motive, but rather:

I’m dope, what I create is dope, and I share it with others because I must.

Of course embedded in this, the artist knows he or she will end up contributing some altruistic effect. But this isn’t the primary motivator.


The lesson is this:

Never create something with the hope that others will like it.

Instead, only create what impels youthen share it!


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