Artistic Exertion

Through art, we desire to exert (ex+press) our inner artistic power.

Why ‘exertion’?

Los Angeles, 2019 #abstract
Los Angeles, 2019 #abstract

I like the notion of ‘exertion’ over “expression”.

With ‘expression’, we are told to “express ourselves” and to tell others “how we feel”. It seems a bit soft.

I prefer exertion. Where you are PRESSING OUT or THRUSTING OUT the artistic power from within you, outwards. The latin word ‘exsertus‘ seems apt.

What does it mean to ‘artistically exert’ yourself?

Los Angeles, 2019 #architecture
Los Angeles, 2019 #architecture

My thought:

You have this inner-artistic power. You feel the feeling of power being manifested (and the feeling of becoming stronger), when you actually CREATE things, when you mould reality to your liking, etc.

The artist as a demi-god

Los Angeles, 2019 #cindyproject

I think the artist desires to become a Demi-god. To become a “mini” god, in the sense that we become creators, and we can change, mould, and twist reality to our liking. Note the notion of Steve Jobs and the ‘reality distortion field’ — you can distort reality to however you like!

How to exert yourself as an artist

You’re an artist. Period. The goal then is to EXERT your artistic power more. To create more, to experiment more, to dream more, and to innovate more in your artwork.

Simple ideas:

  1. No rules. Rethink art from a ‘first principles‘ notion. All art is legitimate and good, as long as it strengthens and empowers you.
  2. Remix: Take your photos and inverse them in Photoshop, draw on top of them, etc. No image is sacred.
  3. Don’t judge your artwork as good or bad. Just make it! Then just share it!

Exert yourself more!



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