When in doubt, just share it.

Even if there is a 1% chance you can help someone else, it is worth sharing!

Why are we so afraid to share?

If you care, share!

Where does our fear of sharing arise? Perhaps the fear that others won’t like it, or the fear of being criticized, or the fear of being called stupid/dumb, etc.

This is my thought:

To be human is to share.

Anaheim, 2019

Sharing is caring, it can be fun!

Why share?

Several reasons:

  1. The more you share, the more confidence you gain.
  2. When you share something and you know it is helping others, you feel more confident and powerful.
  3. When you share something, it feels more “real”.
  4. When we share our artworks, we gain satisfaction in knowing we are helping humanity.

In short, by sharing you benefit yourself and others.

It is a win-win scenario!



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