How to Shoot More Photos

To me, the more photos I make, the happier I am.

“Photography and nothing else! Photography is to great stimulus to life!” (Credit to Nietzsche for the idea).

Why make Photos?

Scissors. Saigon, 2017. Cindy.
Scissors. Saigon, 2017. Cindy.

To make a photo of someone or something is to acknowledge its importance.

For example, when you choose your subject, you are giving them the greatest compliment. You are telling your subject,

There are a million people in the world, but I wanted to photograph YOU because YOU are unique and special.

When you photograph a personal memory, you are telling yourself,

This is a precious moment. I don’t want to forget this.

Therefore to me, photography ENHANCES my enjoyment of life. It reminds me…to appreciate my loved ones, the joy of being alive, the excitement of making images, like visual building blocks.

How to shoot more.

Saigon. Cindyproject, 2017
Saigon. Cindyproject, 2017
  1. Add more randomness to your day: We hate the common place and the same same. Switch up your schedule. Take a different commute or route to work. You will probably end up seeing unique, different, or less ordinary things. This will stimulate you to shoot more.
  2. SET IT AND FORGET IT: Shoot in automatic mode, or program mode, to think less about your technical settings. The less your worry about your camera settings, the less you will hesitate. And the more you will shoot.
  3. Wear your camera like a necklace or a bracelet (I recommend HENRI NECK STRAP x ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP. When I have the camera in my hand, or on my neck…I see more photos. And therefore end up shooting more.
  4. Have a camera by your bedside, or on your desk. By having your camera scattered randomly in your house, where you can access it quickly, you will end up making nice photos of personal life. Taking photos of your partner or kids before you sleep. Or even photos of your loved ones eating breakfast, drinking coffee, or other personal moments. Personal photography is one of the most meaningful types of photos we can make.
  5. Look at great photos: When I look at great photos, I am stimulated to make photos. For example, looking at the work of RICHARD AVEDON inspires me to shoot more. To make more fashionable, soulful, and deep photos of Cindy, and STREET PORTRAITS of strangers I meet.
  6. Shoot in mirrors: I am always inspired to shoot in elevators, with lots of mirrors. Random tip, but it works.

Just shoot it.

Saigon, 2017 #cindyproject
Saigon, 2017 #cindyproject

To me, it is better to take a boring photo than to take no photo. Every time we click the shutter, we are like doing a chin-up. And the more chin-ups we do, the stronger our eyes become.


Saigon sunset, 2017
Saigon sunset, 2017

I am often inspired by sunsets, and LIGHT. I used to hate photographing sunsets (they all look the same), but now, I realize… the sun and light is the source of all organic life on earth. To photograph the sun, the sunset, and light…is to acknowledge life.

Orange County, 2017
Orange County, 2017

So when it is sunset, go outside. Make some photos. Shoot in restaurants, and ordinary places. Be grateful for being alive.


Photography memento Mori. Shoot, because you are not going to live for long. 100 years on planet earth at best.

Why waste your potential?

Saigon, 2017
Saigon, 2017

Soar to the heavens my friend, and know that your wings won’t melt.



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