If you’re not passionate about photography, why make photos?

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Why be Passionate?

Kyoto, 2015

If you’re not passionate, you ain’t gonna fool anybody else.

If you’re not passionate about photography and your own photos, your enthusiasm will not infect others.

For myself, I’m fucking passionate about photography. I fucking love it to death.

To me, it is amazing how I can make instant art. I don’t need to waste time paining. To me, a photograph is an instant painting. Perhaps even more interesting.

Saigon, 2017

Anyways, I think the primary stimulus to life we get is through art. Specifically through making art. Not collecting the art of others. If we find inspiration from the art of others, that is good. But ultimately, the goal is for us to be inspired for us to make our own art.

To just collect the art of others is like watching pornography. You like looking at others have sex. Why watch others make photos? Why not make photos for yourself, by yourself?

What is the purpose of life?

Saigon, 2017 #cindyproject

Life is about creation. It ain’t about consumption.

I’m only happy when I’m creating. When I’m creating photos, creating connections with strangers, or creating blog posts. Creation is what gives me joy of being in the “zone”– when I feel like I’m never gonna die.

How to be more passionate about photography and life


To find more passion in your photography and life, here are some ideas:

  1. Seek to impress yourself: I don’t care What others think of my photos. I’m self centered enough that I only care what I think of my own photos. Therefore, I’m happiest when I make a photo and I look at it and I think, “Wow, I made that?”
  2. Be grateful to be alive: Read life affirming philosophy. I love the Stoic philosophers like Seneca. He helps me encourage living, and for me to never waste my life. MEMENTO MORI: remember you will die. So why waste your life? Express your passion for living through your photos. Don’t just show miserable photos. Show photos that show your enthusiasm and positivity about life.
  3. See difficulty as a fun challenge to overcome: If you don’t have a good camera, don’t fret. Use that as an encouragement to you to overcome your setbacks. I find it more fun to make good photos on shitty cameras. Because it forces me to be innovative with my limitations. This is what they call a “creative constraint”– a constraint that forces you be more creative.

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Lastly, remember you are an artist. As a photographer, every photograph you make is you taking a risk of making a good piece of art.

And ultimately, make photos that affirm yourself, your life, and your enthusiasm.

And if you are not passionate about photography, ask yourself:

Have I lost my passion for photography because photography is boring to me?

If you’re bored, challenge yourself more.

Or ask yourself,

Am I afraid of others judging my photos negatively?

If that’s the case, become a STREET STOIC.



eric kim photography black and white leaves flash

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