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What is Artwork?

Artworks as a manifestation of the energy, soul, “chi” of the artist. 

The soul and life-energy of the artist is revealed through their art works.

Thus what is our goal as photographers and visual artists?

Impute and embed your soul into your artworks!

Life is short, art is long

No matter how rich, smart, clever you are– you’re going to (one day) die. At best, we will live to be 120 years old in excellent health. At worst, you will die today.

Thus it is my belief that the best use of our human metabolism and lives is to produce artwork. Artwork which is authentic to us, and artwork which reveals our soul.

The visual artist

We must think BEYOND photography. Photography is such a tiny and limited field.

We must think about VISUAL ARTWORK. Any form of artwork which exists visually (photo, video, sculpture, illustration, graphics, etc).

Even a step further–

Ultimately you’re an artist.

Even a step further–

Don’t constrain yourself in the visual world either. Embrace poetry, dance, theater, writing– ALL forms of art!

What makes ‘good’ artwork?

As an artist, whatever you create is your art-work.

To me, all artwork you create (which you feel is genuine, playful, and fun to you) is good artwork. Or in short terms:

If you like it, it is good artwork.


I’m also starting to question this notion of striving towards some sort of platonic ‘perfection’ in artwork.

Probably the philosopher who has done the MOST damage to our modern notions of art is Plato.


Plato believed that it was possible for us to achieve some sort of ultimate ‘purity’ in forms. But I think this is nonsense and pure bollocks. I prefer more of the Japanese-Zen-Eastern notion (similar to Heraclitus) who says all is in a state of change, becoming, flux, and impermanence.

In the west, we strive towards some sort of ‘perfection’. We strive to make perfect photographs that will get thousands of likes on social media. We strive to make art-works and books which will last forever.

But we all know that nothing lasts forever; nor should anything last forever. Furthermore, you’re not going to live forever to reap the benefits of becoming ‘forever-famous’– so why bother?

Create art for today!

My thought is this:

Create artwork today like today were your last day on earth.

This means anti-perfection and anti-finality. Be more focused on constant creative productivity (while having fun), instead of trying to become some sort of ‘serious’ artist.




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