desert 3d render

How to Make 3D Abstract Art with Adobe Dimension (if You’re Stuck at Home)

A new passion of mine:

Making 3D art.

I recently discovered the great joy of this new Adobe product — Adobe Dimension. Finally 3D made insanely simple and easy! See a sample artwork I made here.

Just play around with it!

  1. Choose a background and scene
  2. Drag in random objects
  3. Select the materials for the objects by dragging it onto it
  4. Drag in different lighting settings.
  5. Then publish it as a public link, to allow others to interact with it in 3d!

And an animated GIF I made:

desert 3d render

Your laptop is the ultimate creative tool!

Finally with just your laptop– you can create your own new virtual worlds! You can play god with three dimensional reality and art!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

If you cannot leave home, use this chance to become a 3D artist.


  1. Start using Adobe Dimension
  2. Get an Oculus Rift or Quest, and start making 3D art. Gravity Sketch, SculpturVR, or any of the ‘productivity’ apps for Oculus Rift. Tilt brush is also very cool.

The low-tech solution

Or you can just get a bunch of legos and play and build! Or sculpt. Or make stuff with cardboard. Or use the good-old Minecraft.

Make More Art!

NONFUTURE film by Cindy Nguyen


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