Photography and Imagination

Photography is interesting when our photos can be used as a stimulus to imagine … to imagine what was *really* happening behind the scenes. Also, when we apply filters to our photos, we allow our viewers to imagine more!

Why photos with no filters don’t really interest us much

  • Selfie ERIC KIM
  • Selfie ERIC KIM

If your photos are too straight forward (imagine a smartphone photo or a clean JPEG automatic photograph), these “no filter” photos don’t really interest us. Why? No intrigue. Less opportunity for us to imagine!

In praise of blurred and/or out of focus photos

Blur out of focus

When we look at a blurred or out of focus photo, it forces us to imagine what we are really looking at.

Perhaps also with photos of people and humans … photos that *don’t* look “true to life” are far more interesting to study and analyze!

Perhaps this is the genius of the impressionist painters, the cubists, and also pop artists?

Art as reality re-packaged in a novel way!


The Art of Art

NONFUTURE film by Cindy Nguyen


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