Adrenaline Seeking Towards What Ends?

What is the reason for our desire for fast sports cars, sports, music, action films, or any other adrenaline-boosting activities?

The optimal human state?

Mihaly C talks about “flow” as being the optimal human state. For me, feeling the apex of adrenaline is the peak.

However — we cannot always feel adrenaline. Certainly a state in which you’re high on adrenaline all day isn’t good. But perhaps my ideal:

I desire to be high on adrenaline all day during my waking hours during the daytime, while in a state of extreme repose and relaxation in the evening (when the sun goes down).

How can this be achieved?

Simple ideas:

  1. The night before, ensure your have slept godlike — 10+ hours, and deeply.
  2. During the day, engage in maximal activity: Maximal social activity to the extent possible, movement, sun exposure, exercise, etc. Proper stimulants being black coffee (no milk or sugar), and no food (don’t eat during the day to stay sharp — only break your fast and have a massive dinner once the sun goes down, Ramadan style). Intermittent fasting as energizing during the day.
  3. Once the sun goes down, avoid the vice of productivity for productivity sake. This means, don’t force yourself to be “productive” or to work at night. The night time as your chance for extreme rest and recovery.

Adrenaline management is the goal.

Not all adrenaline is good — adrenaline (cortisol stress) is bad when it comes to matters outside of your control. The good adrenaline is that which stimulates us, focuses us, and gives us godlike feelings of lofty strength and mood.

Harness your adrenaline towards thinking, and arts production.

This seems like the proper end!


Productivity by KIM