PENTAX 645Z Digital Medium Format x VSCO

Photos shot on Digital Medium Format by Pentax 645z and processed in VSCO Mobile preset on iPad Pro 10.5 inch:

The great thing about the iPad Pro 10.5 inch; it’s insanely fast, and great for importing Digital Medium Format photos (via the SD card importing adaptor) and to process them quickly and effectively.

Here’s some photos I shot on the Pentax (medium jpeg), then processed with the VSCO iPad app, mostly the A6 preset.

Benefits of iPad and VSCO workflow

  1. iPad is cheaper than laptops, and very fast. Compare the iPad Pro 10.5 (only around $700) compared to a $2,000 MacBook Pro. You can buy a new iPad also for only $330!
  2. VSCO is very fast, and more simple to use and elegant than Adobe Lightroom. Also VSCO has the best presets (Aesthetic A6 preset, and also the “New Modern” preset is great!)
  3. Use Dropbox to keep photos synced on the cloud (I pay for the pro version for around 1tb).

Ultimately, keep your workflow as simple as possible. The simpler, the better! The less time to process and select your photos, and the more time you can spend shooting and living your life!

Experiment with different workflow and figure out what works best for you!