We are addicted to speed. Why? Speed is more fun!

What is the downside to speed?

I understand the proponents of the “slow” movement. But truth be told most of us prefer speed. We don’t wanna wait a week for a delivery, we prefer the 2-day Amazon prime delivery (or even now … sometimes the same-day delivery!) In truth we would probably prefer immediate delivery— the second you order it, it immediately materializes before your very eyes.

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Why do we hate waiting?

To wait is generally boring. I think there is perhaps some human bias of mechanistic activity:

Immediate cause and effect.

For example, I flip a page of a book and it immediately turns. I hate the lag of a digital reading device. Or I hate when playing video games and there is any lag or latency. Lag and latency is unnatural — there is no “lag” in real life.

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