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The Melancholy of Finality: Why is it that we always enjoy the process of doing/making/creating something — more so than the final result?

The problem with goals

This is the big problem with goals:

We focus too much on accomplishing/finishing the goal– but once we achieve the goal, we feel melancholy.

Why is this?

My theory:

We over-hype the “happiness” we will get from finishing/achieving/doing something.

In-fact, it is the struggle, difficulty, and the sense of overcoming that we enjoy the most!

What happens when you achieve all your life goals?

I was blessed (and also cursed) to have reached all of my life goals relatively early in life. Now at age 30; I have achieved all the goals I set for myself in my youth. “Financial independence”, the ability to travel the world, become ‘famous’, make photos I am proud of, marrying my other half (Cindy), obtaining all these toys and gadgets, etc.

When I achieved all of my goals in life– I felt melancholy. But I had no idea why.

Eternal bliss is nonsense

This is what I think the problem was:

Modern society (American-Korean-Confucian) taught me– “Once you become successful” (achieving your goals) you will have eternal bliss.


Similar thing when I hit my life goal of deadlifting 405 pounds — once it happens, you are overjoyed for a day– but the next day, you wonder to yourself:

“Now what?”

The struggle and overcoming is what makes life sweet.

“Life is a beautiful struggle.” – Mos Def

Life without no struggle, hardship, stress, or overcoming is tasteless. It is like eating food with no salt, pepper, or herbs.

Food only tastes good when you feel hunger (pain).

Achieving and reaching a goal is only rewarding when you have to struggle much.

We have been trained so much in modern society that setting goals and achieving your goals is what “happiness” is. But I’ve found this to be false–

Happiness is the constant daily struggle, overcoming, and achieving-creating-making.

We must always push ourselves higher– to set the bar higher, and to demand (and achieve) more of ourselves.

Hustle so hard on the daily that you will never achieve the question:

“Now what?”


Credit to Cindy for the idea.

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