How to Conquer Creative Stagnation

What is our enemy? Creative stagnation. What the way? To conquer and overcome it.


1. Creative off-roading

To take your works, and “off road” it. Break free of the traditional paths. Like my friend Søren Zhane going AI and silicon artistry.

2. Allow yourself to become a renaissance person

If you think about Leonardo da Vinci, what we mostly know him as? We know he mostly as a painter, but he explored everything. He designed war machines, stage sets, and integrated science art and math together in a virtuous and artistic way.

For myself personally, the more I allow myself to explore other random creative endeavors, the better.

For example, my passion for abstract art. Calligraphy. Great cinema. Music, and making beats.

3. The best creative stimulants

I think the best creative stimulants include black coffee with no creamer no sugar, 100% cacao powder, fresh air outdoors, exposure to trees, coffee shop vibes, sunlight or sunshine or natural light, and music.

4. Use the simplest tool possible

Even now as I create this blog post, I am walking around the block with baby Seneca strapped to my chest with the baby bjorn carrier, and using Siri iPhone voice dictate. I have even been blogging on the iOS WordPress app, and I love it.

5. There is no ideal or optimal time to be creative

I think this is a big thing I learned especially after becoming a parent. There is truly no ideal or optimal time to be creative. Rather, we should think about creativity coursing through our veins very much like how blood naturally flow through a body without us thinking about it, or how we breathe subconsciously. For example, you breathe without thinking about it, or forcing yourself to breathe. Shouldn’t Creativity be the same?

The Art of Creativity

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