Impetus to create

The Impetus to Create

What Gives us the Impetus to Create?

When do I get the gut instinct feeling to create?

First question:

When do I, ERIC KIM, get an impetus to create?

Sometimes I’m just lying down on my back, and I feel an urge to make some sort of sketches or calligraphs. Lately I’m getting a huge kick out of Zen Brush 3:

  • Impetus to create

How and why do I create calligraphs? Well, I think there is a combination of me enjoying the process of making these calligraphs, the joy and fun and kick I get from seeing the satisfying flow of the ink from my finger (I don’t use Apple Pencil, just my finger), and something about imputing my life-force energy into things I create:

Do these creations need some sort of meaning?

The tricky thing is this:

Do we first start off with a meaning in mind, *then* we create, or do we just create things for fun or for some sort of unknown inner reason and then prescribe it meaning after-the-fact?

Delight in life *then* making art

Does making art bring us delight? Or are we already delighted and happy and joyful in life which gives us the motivation to make the artwork which reflects our joy and delight in life?

The visual as the greatest joy

An insight from studying and reading Aristotle’s “Metaphysics”—

There is no greater joy in terms of human perception than the visual joy— visual perception.

And if we really think what made social media, Facebook and Instagram so successful is the social (human bonds) connected with the visual (humans + images). This is also what made Instagram more successful than Facebook:

With Instagram you *MUST* share visual images. No way around it.

And the reason why Snapchat will be superior and win in the long-run versus Facebook Messenger is that Snapchat *requires* the visual when it comes to communication (you can only send photo or video images, not just text).

Once again:

Humans prefer the visual (photo or video) over text!!!

Better yet:

The ultimate synthesis of photo, video, visual, audio *and* text is apex (imagine watching a movie or film or TV show with audio enabled, as well as captions enabled for maximal engagement).

How to Become More Creative

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Re-discover your inner-child like PICASSO:

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