How to be creative? REMIX and re-create and re-articulate photos you’ve already made in the past, and re-make it anew!

Why I like iPad and Procreate

First of all, you don’t gotta use an iPad or Procreate. You can just use your laptop and any image-processing or editing software. Photoshop is fine, or any open-source solution as well (GIMP).

There ain’t no rules, right or wrong!

Remixing ideas

iPad procreate multiply


  1. Add extreme contrast to your photos via the CURVE tool.
  2. Add overlays with different colors, and make “Multiply” your blending mode.
  3. Inverse your photos

As you are experimenting, keep exporting your photos as JPEG images, and then share them to your own website and blog!

How to Become More Creative

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