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Just read a bit of the book, ‘Aristotle’s Way‘ (published by Penguin/Random House) and really liked the section and chapter on leisure, as well as the conclusion. The gist:

Eternal Universe

To quote Aristotle (translated by the author Edith Hall)

“Making coming-to-be a perpetual process.” – Aristotle

“The continuous coming-to-be of coming-to-be is the nearest approach to eternal being.” – Aristotle

So this is my pragmatic takeaway:

In life, you’re constantly in a state of becoming. In fact the notion of ‘recreation’ literally means re+creation. When you are enjoying your ‘recreation time’ (leisure time), you are actively shaping and re-shaping yourself.

Which means:

In your life, do not be stagnant. Constantly be creating *and* re-creating yourself … indefinitely!


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