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All Photos are Creative Photos

We often discriminate in our photography. We refrain from shooting x, y, z because we are concerned:

This will not be an interesting or artistic photo.

However this is what I say:

Just shoot it, and figure out what to do with it later.

Why this is better for your creativity

It is impossible to know how you *really* feel about a photo until you shoot it. Also as photographers, we do not have 100% perfect foresight. Which means:

Life happens so quickly, and we just try our best to capture as many of these fleeting ‘decisive moments’ as possible.

If you pause too long and think too much before shooting something, you might either miss the decisive moment, or you end up falling victim to ‘paralysis by analysis‘ and not even shooting it at all.

Each time you click the shutter, you are creating a photo

Creativity — to literally create new things. To have a desire for creating new things. A desire and passion for making new photos!


Don’t worry so much whether a photo is good or bad or ‘worthy’ or not. Just shoot a lot, enjoy the process of shooting, and you will discover deeper meaning in your photography *through* the shooting and image-creating and image-editing process!


The Art of Creativity

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