5 Creative Photography Motivation Ideas

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Some quick creative motivational ideas to get you going:

In Praise of Creative Repetition
  1. Just because someone has done it before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try doing it: For example in photography, we often shy away from pursuing certain photo projects because we think: “Oh that other photographer x, y, z has already done it … I shouldn’t try doing it, as I will never make a body of work quite as good as theirs.” But this is silly– just because others have drank coffee in the past, you aren’t going to drink coffee?
  2. It cannot be the same: Even if you photographed the same exact thing over and over again, it will not be the same. For example, the light will always be different. You will always frame it a little differently. The particles in the air will be different. In praise of creative repetition.
  3. Just post it: All art works you create are in a state of ‘becoming’. This means there is no finality to your art work. This also means that striving for ‘perfection’ is inimical (bad) for your artistic creativity. I say just post it; just post it to your own website/blog (avoid social media).
  4. Your creative productivity is proportional to the amount you walk every day: Just go on a quick 5 minute walk around the block, and take along your phone, your RICOH GR, or whatever pocketable camera. Don’t force yourself to shoot any photos; but if you see something interesting, just shoot it. No need to make ‘good’ photos. To make any photos is good!
  5. Creative cross-pollination: Your best creative ideas will come to you OUTSIDE of your domain expertise. Thus allow yourself to indulge widely in arts and creativity. Design, fashion, cinema, architecture, music, or anything which inspires and motivates you. Any creative stimulus is a good one.

Why be creative?

You’ve always/already been creative, ever since you were born as a child. A child learns through the artistic act of creating. To create, modify, transfigure, and ‘remix’– it is all good.

Think about when you were a kid and how much you enjoyed art class. Or how much you enjoyed drawing, scribbling, painting, or even the joy you initially first felt when you first discovered photography.

The magic of photography

Think again about when you first made a photo; was it a digital camera? Was it a film camera? A disposable film camera?

I still remember the magic I felt when I was 18 years old the first time I used a digital point and shoot camera with an LCD screen in the back. Back then, all I knew were the disposable film cameras which you had to wait a week before seeing your photos. The first digital photo I shot — I was awestruck.

Being able to see your photos instantly … this is pure magic!

Perhaps we can harness this inspiration again?

Motivational films

If you want some quick motivation, some films to watch:

  1. 2001 space odyssey (or anything by Stanley Kubrick). Much of his early photographic genius inspirations were cross-pollinated into his films.
  2. 7 Samurai by Akira Kurosawa: Or any film by Akira Kurosawa.

Why do you make art?

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Creative tools to empower you:

Master photographers to study

Good masters to study:

  1. FAN HO
  2. MAN RAY

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