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How to Edit Your Photos More Effectively

The art of editing your photos is the art of image selection; how to know which of your photos are the best and which photos to choose. Some thoughts:

1. Follow your gut

Cindy bedroom light

First of all, don’t overthink it. If your gut says you like it, just pick it (for now). You can always ditch it later.

2. Personally meaningful photos

Cindy off center composition minimalist

Another thing:

The best photos are the ones which have personal meaning and significance for you.

3. When in doubt, just pick it (for now)

Cindy leg vertical

A bit contrary to what I typically say— but when in doubt, just keep it. You can always get rid of the photo later.

4. Speed is good

You can quickly flick through your photos, and if your gut says keep it, keep it.

5. The small thumbnail test

Look at your photos as small thumbnails, and based on this … select the photo you prefer the best. For example when importing photos into Procreate on my iPad and looking at all the 4 potential photos to pick, I chose the EK066564 image because I like how the box of Cindy in the top right is squared off.

6. Opt for the most dynamic composition

When in doubt, choose the image with the most dynamic composition.

Contact sheet Cindy dynamic composition
Contact sheet Cindy dynamic composition
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