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We are all creative, yet it seems the *fear* is to be creative. How do we conquer this fear to create, and to perhaps … conquer creativity itself?

Don’t talk down on yourself

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The first thing:

Affirm to yourself that you’re a creative.

Creative … someone who likes to create. You were born creative (loving to create stuff), but at a certain point as an adult … someone beat that passion of creating out of you. So it ain’t your fault; let us blame society.

ERIC KIM Thoughts on Creativity

Almost everything is creative

To create … it ain’t about ‘good’ creations or ‘bad’ creations. It is more the fun, delight and the joy of creating.

You can create with your phone, iPad, camera, laptop, with paint, paper, your voice … whatever!

What Do You Really Want in Life?

Creativity doesn’t need a purpose


Utilitarianism is the worst enemy of creativity. Why? Technically … if you create a painting or art piece, it doesn’t serve any ‘practical’ or give you any positive utility. It is *beyond* explaining … the sublime joy of artwork is divorced from money-making and the latter.

The Art of Creativity

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Re-discover your inner-child like PICASSO:

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