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Utilitarianism is the Enemy of Creativity

As long as we are stuck in this cult of productivity and thinking of utilitarian aims and ends … we can never truly conquer creativity.

What is the philosophy of ‘utilitarianism’?

The gist:

We must improve the overall ‘well-being’ of *all* peoples.

And also:

The only virtuous use of your energy and life force is to make more money and capital (Benjamin Franklin thinking).

What is the problem of utilitarianism?

The problem:

You start to think of everything in terms of money, productivity, capital, efficiency … all the virtues of a machine.

Do you care for art and creativity?

Let us say you got a kid, and your kid’s joy is to paint drawings of x, y, z. But …

Will these paintings by little Johnny help pay the bills?

Of course not. Yet this shouldn’t be the rationale to discourage little Johnny from making his paintings.

Anti-Asian Parenting

Asian style of parenting:

Study hard in school (Confucianism), get into a good college/university, then get a good job as a lawyer, doctor, etc.

The asian style of parenting is this:

  1. Get an ‘honorable’ job with high clout in society
  2. Get a high-paying job
  3. Take on as little risk as possible
  4. Art and creativity is a waste of time

American styles of parenting might be a little better:

  1. Be an individual!
  2. Follow your passion!
  3. Just don’t become a bum

Yet … American society still says the ultimate aim is fame, wealth, and prestige in society.

Create just because you like it

Photography is Visual Poetry

You don’t need to explain *why* you like to make stuff or be creative. Also, you must not feel guilty when you’re doing something which isn’t ‘productive’.

The future is arts, creativity, and the ‘creative arts’.


The Art of Creativity

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