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ERIC KIM Thoughts on Creativity

Creativity is the goal of existence — to make art, and keep making it!


Eric Kim Thoughts On Creativity
What Do You Really Want In Life?

Once you’ve cured all of your sufferings and downsides in life … then what?

Once we have achieved our zen zone, then what? Then it means to output all that superfluous energies to make art.

All children are born creative

First of all, let us consider:

All children delight in creating.

Even as adults, we delight in creating as well. Yet we feel scared to create. Where does this fear come from? I think our past schoolmasters, test taking, and the thought:

The only noble end is to be a good test taker, to be good in school in order to make a lot of money and to become a good virtuous person.

The Art of Creativity

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