To start is half the battle.

What is paralysis by analysis?

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Perhaps society holds us back, before we are taught standard K-12 education:

Thou shalt write a perfectly crafted 5-paragraph ‘hamburger’ essay and spell check for your audience.

But this is blogging… we ain’t being graded!

Perfection is for suckers

Seek good or great, not perfect. Perfection is a Platonic notion (from the philosopher Plato) which ain’t real. The seeking of perfection is a trap. To do is better than not doing. And I think to do something poorly is better than not doing it at all. I believe in a “bias for action”— or just doing something 80% “good enough”(satisficing, not perfection). “Satisfice” as a notion that decision making theorists talk about — satisfy+suffice=satisfice. Or in other words:

Good enough is best!



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