How to Conquer Paralysis by Analysis

To start is half the battle.

What is paralysis by analysis?

back muscles ERIC KIM

Perhaps society holds us back, before we are taught standard K-12 education:

Thou shalt write a perfectly crafted 5-paragraph ‘hamburger’ essay and spell check for your audience.

But this is blogging… we ain’t being graded!

Perfection is for suckers

Seek good or great, not perfect. Perfection is a Platonic notion (from the philosopher Plato) which ain’t real. The seeking of perfection is a trap. To do is better than not doing. And I think to do something poorly is better than not doing it at all. I believe in a “bias for action”— or just doing something 80% “good enough”(satisficing, not perfection). “Satisfice” as a notion that decision making theorists talk about — satisfy+suffice=satisfice. Or in other words:

Good enough is best!


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