Home Photography Assignments

If you’re stuck at home, quarantining or whatever — here are some photography assignments you can do from home:

Macro photos of common everyday objects you use

For example, I never have taken a photo of my retainers which I use daily. Consider what other random things in your bathroom you can photograph.

Photograph the screen of tv shows or movies or films you’re watching.

For example, fun episodes of I Love Lucy.

The gist:

Shooting photos of your screen of interesting stills from a show or film you like is almost like a form of “meta photography”.

Also you can just watch films on your phone or laptop, and screenshot stills of compositions you like and draw them! For example what I did with the recent JOKER film. Study cinema. Stanley Kubrick 2001.

Photos from inside, looking outside of your window

Practice shooting with different exposure compensation settings (0, +1, +2, +3, -1, -2, -3).

Food items and substances around the house

Photos of egg shells as very interesting and poetic. Considering I eat at least a dozen eggs a day — good for me.

Selfies of yourself (photo or video)

For additional fun, photograph yourself with fun mirrors at home.

Photograph your own hand

Even more fun to shoot really close macro photos of your own hand, in different arrangements.

Textures and fabrics at home

For example, consider the obsession Leonardo da Vinci had with the textures of folded fabrics and clothing. Shoot the blankets at home, tissues, cloths, rags, your clothing or any other interesting textures and fabrics you can find at home!

The Art of Creativity

sketches calligraphy cindy

Re-discover your inner-child like PICASSO:

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