In today’s world there seems to be this mania towards ‘productivity’. And what is ‘productivity’ according to modern thoughts?

To always be doing something, in order to become more virtuous (like a machine, in the spirit of ‘Taylorism’), in order to produce and create more in order to make more money.

Thus the modern goal of productivity is money-making.

But what happens once you become a crypto billionaire, and money is no longer a concern to you? Then it seems more of a focus on our artistic endeavors, our creative endeavors, our health, and the desire and hunger to explore more, become more, and to become stronger, wiser, and more bold.

Why creativity?

To me, to become more creative (both in terms of novelty in creative thinking and output, as well as propensity to create a lot) is the goal. Why? Every child is a creator. Even think of the Heraclitus quote of reality being children playing in the sand, creating sand castles, to only have it washed away with the ocean.

Even when grown men are obsessed with building skyscrapers, new building developments etc … what is their impetus? The same impetus as a child to create their own Lego-esque utopias of their own imagination and creative daring.

The Art of Creativity

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