The Simplest Creative Workflow

Simpler is better and more productive. The more you can simplify and streamline your workflow, with creative artistic matters, means more output and creative flourishing. Perhaps the more streamlined and simpler artistic lifestyle, and artistic techniques, the happier and more fully realized we can and will become.

For example, using iPhone as a creative tool not phone. Procreate, Zen Brush 2, and other arts creation applications. Or blogging from the phone — another creativity productivity hack.

Also with videos, when integrating it on your blog, best to just make it auto play on mute and loop.

Or not concerning yourself with formatting blog posts and making things look pretty. Rather, focusing on just creating it, writing it and sharing it and publishing it and getting it out there.

I’ve also discovered that voice dictation on the iPhone is one of the quickest and most effective ways to write, far faster than texting with your two thumbs. In other words, the data output of voices and speech is at least 100x compared to that of typing on your thumbs. Also, our voices and out lungs and our throats are stronger than the carpal tunnel in our thumbs.

The Art of Creativity

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