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Why Share Your Photos?

The more you share, the better:

Why Share Your Photos?


For us online photographers, sharing our photos is our lifeblood. But the question:

Why share your photos?

Some thoughts:

Spark joy in yourself, spark joy in others.

For me it seems to be simple ethics:

I want to share with others what brings joy to myself.

For example, Seneca said something like:

If you could give me all the world’s knowledge and wisdom but I couldn’t share it with anyone else, I would refuse it.

Perhaps in a similar vein:

If you could give me the power to photograph, but I couldn’t share the photos with anyone else, I would refuse the gift.

  • seneca toes curve

Thus I feel a strong step towards more sincerity in our photography:

Know that sharing photos does indeed bring us joy, and can share joy with others.

So when it comes to sharing photos, think to yourself:

Why *NOT* share my photos?



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